Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Map of Northern Sonoma, Russian River, Healdsburg and nearby

You are lucky if you are reading this post. Why? Because the chances you are not are a lot bigger. This post doesn't belong to famous wine or travel blog, it doesn't advertise, and it is not ranked high on google or anywhere else. All that means my post is not likely to show in your browser window. But if it did, you just got an instant access to many years of experience and knowledge acquired while traveling with my family to Northern Sonoma. All that is distilled into the custom map of Northern Sonoma, in particular, Russian River and Dry Creek valleys, city of Healdsburg and the surrounding areas.

The map features wineries, restaurants, and points of interest with concise but useful commentary and trails that connect them. Of course, this is pretty darn good only if you trust me. Why should you? Because many of my friends did and thanked me, In fact, they kept thanking me long time after their trips as their memories were driven by the map.

The map is still work in progress because every year I make new trip to Sonoma I find something new and interesting to add. And my memories also take time to shape up to be converted into artifacts I place on the map. So I decided to make this post also work in progress as I will be adding more info  about the map below. But for now, here it is - the infamous Northern Sonoma, Russian River, Healdsburg and nearby map: