Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ah! The Sauvignon Blanc

If you like whites it's likely Sauvignon Blanc is on your short list. But if you prefer reds then spring and summer are good time to switch. And the sweet spot (not literally) of white wines for me is Sauvignon Blanc.

There are three big regions for this wine: France (Bordeaux and Loire Valley), US (California) and New Zealand (Marlborough). Start with New Zealand fruit bombs. It's likely to be unoaked. You must try it on a nose (swirl the wine gently in your glass and then smell aroma inside the glass) because it's hard to appreciate without it. Don't forget to serve it really cold (45-50F).

Kim Crawford Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2010 is a good bet for its beautiful passion fruit and citrus aroma. Overall it's very clean, refreshing and you won't regret if you serve it as aperitif on a hot summer day.

The best price I've seen is around $12, it likely sells for $15-18 near you.